3D Art - Stefan Pabst

Spectacular 3D Art – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

If you’ve not yet discovered the concept of “3D Art”, we recommend you do so immediately! Here’s a taster of this slightly addictive speciality genre.
Stefan Pabst 3D Hole

Ever taken a look at the work of an artist and wondered, how do they do it? We came across Stefan Pabst, who has perfected a mesmerising ability to create 2-D sketches that appear to be 3-D objects.

We’ve also got rather hooked on his Youtube channel, where he provides some stop-motion videos of creating these from scratch.  But please don’t blame us if you end up pausing and re-winding over and over, trying to isolate the exact moment an image leaps off the paper!

Here’s one example of the Eiffel Tower. Isn’t it incredible how Stefan makes it physically rise up off the paper? It shows the years of understanding light, shadow and the grey scale.

Here’s a pigeon that is honestly just a pencil drawing on plain paper.PigeonAnd a rather freaky picture of a spider!


And perhaps our favourite, simply because it was the first of his works we ever saw – a deceptively simple drawing of a glass of water.

For more amazing work, check out Stefan Pabst’s Youtube channel (small warning: the page autoruns a video with music soundtrack, in case you’re at work 🙂 )