Issue 5 starts with a look at one of our favourite questions: “Why Do We Create Art?”.  In this case we go back to the earliest humans on the planet, and take a look at the ancient outdoor art they have left for us.

If you want something more contemporary, there’s little more inspiring than the London Design Festival.  Our article on LDF helps you get ready in good time for this annual highlight.

We continue our sustainable fashion theme with a look at some thought-provoking modern materials that don’t leave a stain on the environment.  You’ll be as surprised at some of the things people have managed to turn into fabric.

Turning to Jewellery and Style, our Glamorous Glasses piece showcases some of today’s most interesting designers of fashion eyewear.  Meanwhile our Fresh Look at Modern Pearl Jewellery covers some of the most exciting pearlwork available today.

Finally, one few times of the year when sport and fashion share top billing is Royal Ascot.  Enjoy our pick of a Rainbow of Ascot Hats.

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