We currently have 4 articles in issue 6.

The latest article is a sustainable design perspective on LDF16 – 7 of our highlights of the annual event that show the art of the possible when designers focus on the impact of their work on our planet.

Our Iconic Museum Buildings piece pays attention to the outside of museums instead of the contents, and showcases 15 of the world’s best.

Speaking of the outside of buildings, do you have an opinion on Graffiti as Art?  Take a look at our piece exploring a topic that was new to us, and now we’ve discovered it, will definitely be part of our future work.

12 Original Summer Palettes is a follow-up to the Spring Palettes that proved so popular.

Meanwhile the Beginner’s Guide to Native American Art introduces another ancient culture that has a traditional or art that is not as well-known as it should be.

Finally, many of us know the Moscow Metro is visually stunning, but have you ever stopped to think about the politics behind it, and whether that should affect how we see it?

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