We’ve been very busy recently, with the end of LDF (London Design Festival) closely followed by the Frieze and the Affordable Art fairs. The V&A also launched its long-awaited Fabrics of India exhibition.

In between attending these, we published our first Shoes articles. We started with a question that flummoxes many men we know – What Are Shoes Really For?! We also spent a day being a shoe designer, thanks to modern technology, and filled our fantasy art gallery with shoes 🙂

We also kicked off our Ethical & Sustainable series, and are excited about filling this semi-regular slot in coming issues.

If you like watches, you’ll definitely want to check out this issue. And if that’s not your thing, you’ll still love to read about Rebecca Struthers – a breath of fresh air in the staid, white, male world of fine watchmaking.

Finally, we showcased some wonderful artists you won’t see in a gallery, including some who work with flowers as their medium of choice, and an unbelievable video of Stefan Pabst creating one of his amazing 3D optical illusions from nothing more than a pencil and paper.

And we still found time to attend Spectre on the opening day, red carpet and all!

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Shoes, Sustainability, the Meaning of Jewellery and Art in London

Design Your Own Signature Shoes

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Rebecca Struthers - 21st Century Watchmaker

How Struthers Bring Traditional Watch Design Craftsmanship Into the 21st Century

Rebecca Struthers is one of the most innovative watchmakers in the world today. She and husband Craig push the boundaries of watchmaking with their peerless blend of traditional and modern practices. Rebecca and Craig have created their own, unique path to the top, and follow it with passion. We asked Rebecca about two aspects of their journey that lie close to our own hearts at Zayah.... Read more . . .
Apple Watch

The 20,000 Year Old Watch Design Challenge

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Carolin Holzhuber - Conjoined Illusion A

10 Avant Garde Shoes You Could Display in an Art Gallery

Art takes many forms in the world today and in this article, we look at shoes as an expression of creativity. There are many designers at work today who push the boundaries of shoe design to create avant garde masterpieces. They make shoes we think deserve to be displayed in art galleries. This is our current top 10 - in no particular order.... Read more . . .

3 Ethical & Sustainable Jewellery Stores

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