We hope you had a fabulous New Year – we enjoyed the break, but have been hard at work with new articles to kick off 2016.

We put the finishing touches to a piece about a subject close to our hearts – sustainability in the Fashion Industry.  If there’s only one thing you read and share with others, we’d ask you to make it this one.

Our friends and relatives in the US were telling us recently about the snowstorms that swept over the East Coast.  Despite the turmoil it caused, others on that side of the Atlantic were relieved to see all the snow – we’re talking about Snow & Ice Artists.  If you’ve not seen this kind of work before, you’ll be intrigued by our article on it.  If you’re quick, you’ve still got time to visit one of this season’s Ice Art festivals, so we’ve listed some of the world’s best.

2016 is the year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday.  With our jewellery making roots, we’ve always been admirers of her elegant pieces and have written a retrospective of her 7 decade reign through her jewellery – specifically her brooches.

We’ll be publishing more over the coming weeks, and will update this page with the details.  Look out for the World’s Most Amazing Houses, and the inspirational Mandala art of Tibet’s Buddhist Monks.

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Tibetan Mandala Art - monks

The 7 Essential Insights of Tibetan Mandala Art

​Tibetan Mandala refers to one of the most exquisite, fascinating forms of art you're likely to discover. But as you'll see, very few people will ever have the privilege of seeing one in real life. We were fortunate enough to do so a few years ago, and it's a memory that will never leave us. If you know what Tibetan Mandala is, understanding more is an important part of appreciating it fully. But if you've not heard of it before, you're in for a treat.... Read more . . .
Cuckoo Pendant by Zayah

Wearable Art Jewellery – the Undiscovered and the Unfamiliar

Wearable Art Jewellery is as much an expression of creativity and imagination as a form of personal decoration. Unlike more conventional forms of jewellery, status and brand matters less here than the emotions it conveys. For us, it's one of the purest forms of jewellery, and the one we enjoy wearing, buying and of course making more than any other. We've prepared for you a curated list of ten of our favourite Wearable Art Jewellery makers from around the world. Our emphasis is on those names you're less likely to have come across before.... Read more . . .
The Oscars

How well do you know the Oscars?

It's getting to that time of year when the main topic of conversation in movie circles is which movies and actors will win Oscars this year. We take a slightly oblique look at the Academy Awards, and arm you with some lesser known facts and snippets about them. If you're planning on gate-crashing an after-party, this might be useful for breaking the ice when hanging out with stars :-) ... Read more . . .
HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth’s Reign Through Her Brooches

A unique review of unfolding world events through the eyes of a monarch renowned for her elegant, tasteful jewellery. We look back at the most momentous and significant changes in the world around her in that time, and mark each decade with one of her signature brooches.... Read more . . .
Incredible Home - Casa de Penedo

The World’s Most Incredible Homes

​What happens when architects challenge conventional thinking of what a house should be? The results of their creativity can be amazing, at least for bypassers . . . We've found a set of houses that are as far as we can imagine from the stereotype of 4 walls, a pitched roof, front door and rectangular windows. We hope you enjoy looking through these as much as we enjoyed putting the lists together.... Read more . . .
Sustainable Fashion - Zayah World

Sustainable Fashion: Saving the Planet, One Dress at a Time

It’s finally possible, practical and commercially viable to do something about the damage the fashion industry does to our planet through huge amounts of waste and pollution. Our guide to Sustainable Fashion contains the most important things you should know to form your own view, including how each of us can make a real difference.... Read more . . .
Snow scene

Breaking the Ice: Amazing Snow & Ice Art

Snow& Ice Art is a combination of engineering skills and creativity to form exquisite sculptures that only last as long as the cold weather. We showcase 7 eye-catching examples, and tell you about winter festivals where you can see this amazing art in person. ... Read more . . .