We hope you had a fabulous New Year – we enjoyed the break, but have been hard at work with new articles to kick off 2016.

We put the finishing touches to a piece about a subject close to our hearts – sustainability in the Fashion Industry.  If there’s only one thing you read and share with others, we’d ask you to make it this one.

Our friends and relatives in the US were telling us recently about the snowstorms that swept over the East Coast.  Despite the turmoil it caused, others on that side of the Atlantic were relieved to see all the snow – we’re talking about Snow & Ice Artists.  If you’ve not seen this kind of work before, you’ll be intrigued by our article on it.  If you’re quick, you’ve still got time to visit one of this season’s Ice Art festivals, so we’ve listed some of the world’s best.

2016 is the year Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday.  With our jewellery making roots, we’ve always been admirers of her elegant pieces and have written a retrospective of her 7 decade reign through her jewellery – specifically her brooches.

We’ll be publishing more over the coming weeks, and will update this page with the details.  Look out for the World’s Most Amazing Houses, and the inspirational Mandala art of Tibet’s Buddhist Monks.

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