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Staircase design - Tulip Stairs, Queen's House, Greenwich, UK

9 Memorable & Creative Staircase Designs

Do you think about staircase designs often? Check out these impressive examples, and you'll find yourself looking at stairs differently in future! At one level, staircase designs are nothing special - after all, surely there's not much you can do wi... Read more . . .
LDF16 the Smile

Sustainable Design at LDF16 – Our 7 Favourites

LDF16 was the usual eye-popping variety of installations & concepts. Our favourite wasn't a single piece, but the diverse sustainable design on display. Artists and designers from around the world showed us the art of the possible with recycled, re-used and up-cycled materials.... Read more . . .
Ancient Outdoor Art | Zayah World

Why Do We Create Art? Clues From Our 10 Must-Visit Ancient Art Destinations

The world is full of of outdoor ancient art, sites where past civilisations have created magnificent works of art for reasons we can only speculate about. We've put together a wishlist of 10 distinctive art destinations, each of which could be the centrepiece of an art-lover's trip. The Nazca Lines of Peru and the Ajanta Caves in India are our favourites, but all 10 are special in their own right.If you visit even a few of these places, you may well be left pondering why their creators felt the urge to leave their mark this way. If you are, you'll be in good company, joining the many people who have asked the big, timeless question:What is Art Really For?... Read more . . .