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How to Sound Like an Expert on Baroque Pearls

Pearls are fashionable again and baroque pearls in particular are considered different enough to not just wear, but turn into conversation pieces. With this interest in baroque pearls, we are getting asked quite often what they are.

Pearl-Baroque-white-gemstone-3The GIA has a Pearl Description system to uniformly grade pearls. In this system, shape is one characteristic and a pearl can be one of seven shapes. A Baroque pearl is one that has no apparent symmetry as you see on these white pearls.

By contrast, a Drop pearl is symmetrical, rounded and pear shaped like these pink Swarovski pearls.  We only me
ntion this because we’ve seen people describing this kind of stone as a baroque pearl.  So if you see that too, you can put them straight 🙂

You can see examples of these along with other basic points about pearls on our Pinterest Board Pearls 101 below.

(PS If the board isn’t showing above, refreshing your browser should make it appear, or you can click on this link to see it on Pinterest.  The problem is usually a technical one at Pinterest’s end )