“Discerning” – Showcasing Work from the Path Less Trodden

There are plenty of people, publications and institutions telling us what is mainstream, the latest trend or fashion. We want Zayah World to be a place to discover alternatives and be a place where we showcase work from the path less trodden.

This tends to be less common, sometimes harder work to appreciate – but always standing out from the crowd. We showcase these alternatives in  jewellery, art, design and style.

We try to reflect this in our jewellery, whether it be working with new materials like Polymer Clay or creating new twists on classic pieces like pearl chokers.  Of course, as a business we have to reflect what our customers want, and so you’ll also see our take on the fashions and trends of the day. But we hope that regardless of whether our work is to your personal taste or style, you’ll find it a refreshing alternative to the what you see elsewhere.

Explore  Zayah World, and see what you think.  We’d love to hear what you think, either on our social media pages, or by email (editor@zayah.co.uk)

Do you have examples of work from the path less trodden you’d like us to showcase?

Happy Reading!

The Zayah Team