“Inspired” – Women (& Men) Who Write Their Own Rules

In our interest in the path less trodden, at Zayah World we are fascinated by Women (& Men) who have lived by their own rules or created paths for others to follow in.

What kind of person is it who decides to follow their own path? Do these people all end up facing similar problems of the world telling them they are wrong to have that dream? We look at women and sometimes men in the space of  jewellery, art, design and style who have gone ahead and lived by their own rules. We see them as inspiration for us and we hope you as well in embodying that powerful concept of how to make your dreams a reality.

Explore  Zayah World, and see what you think.  We’d love to hear what you think, either on our social media pages, or by email (editor@zayah.co.uk)

Do you have examples of people who represent alternatives to the mainstream you’d like us to write about?

Happy Reading!

The Zayah Team