Unusual and interesting online stores


One of the things we take for granted is the wide variety of things one can buy online these days. We find that shopping online takes away the miles of trudging around shopping malls to find just that particular thing we are on the look out for. There are hundreds of thousands of online stores today, so many that it’s difficult to discover all of the ones we maybe interested in.

e-commerce-402822_640So we are going to be featuring in this article a list of unusual and interesting online stores that catch our attention. These will of course fall into either the category of art, design or jewellery.


  1. ArtGallery – Showcasing Original Art from Upcoming British Artists – We love the original art that we see here.
  2. VandAshop – The Victoria & Albert Museum is the World’s greatest museum of art and design. As such the prints and other collectibles in their shop is captivating.
  3. MoMA store – New York’s Museum of Modern Art showcases fabulous modern and contemporary art. So the MoMA store makes it onto our list of places to find quirky and interesting art


  1. CKIE – If you have a passion for design, you probably know about yankodesign, the online magazine for the best of international design in a wide range of areas from accessories to automotive. Their store showcases some of the coolest of these products.
  2. Hu2 – With a philosophy of being an Eco Social brand, Hu2 believes in their own words in ” to develop creative, thought provoking and useful ideas in a sustainable way”.  Look at them for some cool artifacts.
  3. Indie Design Store – This is an internet store that showcases some of the best independent designers in Western Europe.


  1. Element Jewellery – Element Jewellery sells contemporary jewelley online from a variety of designers. They also have a store in West Yorkshire, if you live or are visiting the area.
  2. Zayah – Of course, we love our jewellery and believe this is one of the interesting alternates to the traditional.
  3. CarrotBox – This is a tiny store online that is simply obsessed with rings. We’ve seen some of the most interesting rings featured here. So if you love rings, have a browse here.

Have you come across a store that you think should feature here? Drop us a line with the details and why you think it should make the list.