The Oscars
By Ivan Bandura CC BY 2.0

How well do you know the Oscars?

Do you know your Oscars?

The famous Oscars statue

It's getting to that time of year when the main topic of conversation in movie circles is which movies and actors will win Oscars this year.

We take a slightly oblique look at the Academy Awards, and arm you with some lesser known facts and trivia snippets about them.  

If you're planning on gate-crashing an after-party, this might be useful for breaking the ice when hanging out with stars 🙂 

1. How Old is The Oscar Ceremony?

2. Who Designed "Oscar"?

3. What's An Oscar Made Of?

4. Who Makes The Oscars?

5. What Does A Used Oscar Cost?

6. What's the Correct Name for an Oscar?

7. How Many Categories Are There?

8. Which Movie Won the Most Oscars?

9. Which Person Won the Most Oscars?

10. Who is the Most Prolific Oscar Nominee?

11. Who is the Youngest Oscar Winner?

12. Who is the Oldest Oscar Winner?

13. Who was the first Woman to receive the Best Director award?

14. Did Walt Disney Himself Win Any Oscars? (or was it just his movies?)

So that's it for this year - which one was your favourite? If you enjoyed this, you might be interested in our feature on movie set holiday destinations.