Art Inspired by Religion

Asymmetrical Ikebana

Japanese Ikebana – Zen and the Art of Arranging Flowers

Ikebana is arranging flowers following Zen traditions of Japanese Buddhism, and is more about art and even mindfulness than interior décor and accessorizing the home. As so often with Japanese design, there is much more to it than just the initial beauty, and its deceptively simple initial appearance is full of complex subtleties and deeper meaning. Discover this exquisite art form in the Zayah World introduction to Ikebana.... Read more . . .
Tibetan Mandala Art - monks

The 7 Essential Insights of Tibetan Mandala Art

​Tibetan Mandala refers to one of the most exquisite, fascinating forms of art you're likely to discover. But as you'll see, very few people will ever have the privilege of seeing one in real life. We were fortunate enough to do so a few years ago, and it's a memory that will never leave us. If you know what Tibetan Mandala is, understanding more is an important part of appreciating it fully. But if you've not heard of it before, you're in for a treat.... Read more . . .